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Overview of selfmade software tools and libraries

Computer Software


This is not an exhaustive description of the codes that I have developed but those that currently I am maintaing more often.

Open Source Sites:

With Python

  • pyozone: It is a piece of code that allows some python calculations. More information is also avaiable at zenodo-link
  • mie-scattering
  • pyIPSLpack, it is a python software to prepate specific climate diagnostics for IPSL model. It also perform additional opertations to test the CF-compilant of the diagnostics (netcdf files) and typical test to ascertain the main properties of the climate simulations.

With Fortran

  • SOCRATES-RF: it is a software suite based on SOCRATES but designed to have a different user interface and focused on the estimation of radiative forcing by offline methodologies. Currently it is able to estimate the radiative forcing by fixed dynamical heating method by adjusting the temperatures on the stratosphere.
  • MaxEnt: it is a code programmed to estimate a probability density function according to a set of constrains that the pdf should fulfill, typically in the form of pdf-moments.


  • I have prepared several templates, that I will upload soon to github or bitbucket


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