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Notebook › Librerias en Julia
Experiencias programando con Julia ›Read More ›

Notebook › Programacion con Julia
Experiencias programando con Julia ›Read More ›

Tips › Geo Python Notes
collection of notes about python and geosciences ›Read More ›

Tips › Key references of Nixos
List of references to understand NixOS, Nix and nixpkgs, that I found interesting to read and study. ›Read More ›

Tips › Key references in Atmospheric Sciences
List of references of mathematics, physics, climate sciences and meteoroligy that I found interesting to read and study. A small overview of each book is given. A subjective level of difficulty of each book is indicated from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult) with+ symbol. ›Read More ›

Tips › Key references of Atmospheric Dust
List of bibtex references about Atmospheric Dust. ›Read More ›

Essay › Audio Collages II
Essay › Audio Collages I
Tips › Learning Haskell
collection of notes and links ›Read More ›

Overview › Historical ozone radiative forcing
Paper overview ›Read More ›

Essay › Saramago sobre democracia y liberalismo
Essay › Intimidación... qué no hacer
Un caso paradigmático ›Read More ›

Notebook › Introduction to Atmospheric Ozone
Own notes about Ozone ›Read More ›

Notebook › Reproducible Research with Python
Compilation of ideas for reproducible research ›Read More ›

News › A letter to the British Prime Minister
Notebook › Apuntes de Mecánica Clásica
Baticurrillo de ideas ›Read More ›

Overview › About the role of GHGs on slowdown in GMST trends
Paper overview ›Read More ›

Tips-Code › NetCDF4 Python
This post shows a simple improving the file to deal with months units. ›Read More ›

Tips › Climate Model Resolutions
Notes for Meteorology, Climate and Atmospheric Sciences... ›Read More ›

Notebook › Fortran 90 Notebook II
Essay › Humpty Ditmpty
...sobre dinámicas de grupo ›Read More ›

Notebook › Meteorology/Climatology related software
Computer Tools for Meteorology, Climate and Atmospheric Sciences... ›Read More ›

Essay › Ethics in Science & Publications
Minimal survival about Ethics in Sicence Publications ›Read More ›

Tips › Debian Tips
Here are indicated a long list of tips to solve typical debian/linux problems ›Read More ›

Notebook › Data Assimilation Notebook
Introduction to Data Assimilation in NWPM ›Read More ›

Notebook › Land Surface Modelling
Describing vegetation in climate models ›Read More ›

Essay › Hannah Arendt: Personas en tiempos de oscuridad
Una notas... sobre narrar historias ›Read More ›

Notebook › Euler-Lagrange Equation
Introduction to Variational Calculus ›Read More ›

Notebook › Introduction to make
Survival guide to make ›Read More ›

Notebook › Descentralized Version Control Notes
Version Control Notes: Mercurial ›Read More ›

Notebook › Centralized Version Control
Version Control Notes: SVN ›Read More ›

Notebook › Fortran 90 Notebook
Notebook › Using C procedures in a Fortran code
C and Fortran together ›Read More ›

Notebook › Linear Algebra and Computing
Scientific Computing and Linear Algebra ›Read More ›

Notebook › Introduction to OpenMPI
Fortran and OpenMPI ›Read More ›

Tips › Python PDF: reportlab
An example of how to use reportlab library ›Read More ›

Tips › Notes on WRF-gfortran-compilation
How to compile WRF with gfortran ›Read More ›

Notebook › Introduction to Tikhonov Regularization Method
First Steps with Regularization ›Read More ›

Notebook › Performance and Python (I)
Tools and tips to improve the performance of python scripts. In this post is explained the library pycallgraph that can be used as an stand-alone command line or within our Python code. The use is illustrated with a real algorithm. ›Read More ›

Notebook › Online Coupled Models
Short introduction to Online Coupled Models. ›Read More ›

Notebook › Mie Scattering
Introduction to Mie-Scattering applied to cloud droplets and aerosols ›Read More ›

Notebook › HDF5 Notebook
Introduction to HDF terms and definitions ›Read More ›

Tips › Matplotlib Tips
Matplotlib intro and tips ›Read More ›

Tips › UNIX commands
Terminal Linux-Unix Tools: pr, cut, grep... ›Read More ›

Review › A First Course in Atmospheric Radiation
Brief book review ›Read More ›

Review › An Introduction to Atmospheric Physics
Brief book review ›Read More ›