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Article (en "The Conversation") › La ciencia del clima que explicamos a los políticos europeos para cumplir con el Acuerdo de París
Article (en "The Conversation") › El creciente papel del ozono en el cambio climático
Notebook › Inverse Modelling
Introduction to Inverse Modelling applied to Atmospheric Science Read More

Tips › Key references in Atmospheric Sciences
List of references of mathematics, physics, climate sciences and meteoroligy that I found interesting to read and study. A small overview of each book is given. A subjective level of difficulty of each book is indicated from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult) with+ symbol. Read More

Tips › Key references of Atmospheric Mineral Dust
List of bibtex references about Atmospheric mineral dust. Read More

Overview › Historical ozone radiative forcing
Paper overview Read More

Notebook › Introduction to Atmospheric Ozone
Own notes about Ozone Read More

News › A letter to the British Prime Minister
News Read More

Notebook › Apuntes de Mecánica Clásica
Baticurrillo de ideas Read More

Overview › About the role of GHGs on slowdown in GMST trends
Overview of a paper about the recent slowdown in global mean surface temperatures. It is based in an estimation of radiative forcing of several greenhouse gases and a mapping of their contributions to temperature trends. Read More

Tips › Climate Model Resolutions
Notes for Meteorology, Climate and Atmospheric Sciences... Read More

Notebook › Data Assimilation Notebook
Introduction to Data Assimilation in NWPM Read More

Notebook › Land Surface Modelling
Describing vegetation in climate models Read More

Notebook › Euler-Lagrange Equation
Introduction to Variational Calculus Read More

Tips › Notes on WRF-gfortran-compilation
How to compile WRF with gfortran Read More

Notebook › Introduction to Tikhonov Regularization Method
First Steps with Regularization Read More

Notebook › Online Coupled Models
Short introduction to Online Coupled Models. Read More

Notebook › Mie Scattering
Introduction to Mie-Scattering applied to cloud droplets and aerosols Read More

Review › A First Course in Atmospheric Radiation
Brief book review Read More

Review › An Introduction to Atmospheric Physics
Brief book review Read More